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For over 30 years, The Barton Group has  been a leader in helping attract executive leadership.  This is how we make a difference.

Focus and Process. The Barton Group incorporates a meticulous, laser-focused process that manyin-house recruiters do not have the bandwidth or resources for.  When filling executive level roles especially, all steps in the executive search process must be taken with great care.  By working with a recruiting firm, you can eliminate a lot of the risk in your hiring process.  Instead of working on many projects, these recruiters are focused on just a couple—giving your search its proper attention.  An executive search offers thorough research, extensive talent pipelines and networks, and meticulous reference checking and background checks.  Most importantly, we provide a guarantee for their placements and when hiring executives this can work as a safety net for your organization 

Pipeline and Networks. An executive search firm utilizes their own extensive network which includes active candidates as well as a pipeline of potential or passive job seekers.  This leads to hiring the best possible candidate – not the best candidate who is simply available.  Often in-house recruiting efforts can only rely on the candidates that apply:  those who are unemployed or actively looking for a job.  Also, looking for an executive-level candidate that has a particular skill set can take a lot of time and effort.  Executive recruiters have excellent researching skills and know the best methods to find these high-quality candidates. 

Time and Cost. Finding highly qualified executive-level candidates can be time-consuming and costly.  When in-house recruiters or Human Resources professionals conduct these searches, they have to balance time for the search in addition to their primary work which often yields limited search results and an extended timeframe to complete the search.   The longer a position goes unfilled, the more money it costs your organization.  When partnering with a retained search firm, finding candidates for your role is their sole focus. A retained search also allows you to avoid the hidden costs of considering only a small sampling of qualified candidates and most often, an executive search firm can complete the search more quickly, therefore, saving you money.

Building Strong Relationships

As we have long term relationships with our candidates, they trust us to manage their careers. 


 Strategic planning for the most effective means for sourcing target candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, social media, and industry associations.

More Flexiblity

When working with a retained recruiter, you’ll be able to enjoy more flexibility in a number of areas. Most agents have a standard contract but, since retained recruiters are more dedicated, they’ll want to make sure you are completely satisfied with their service. In consequence, the timescale, number of payments, and rebate period if applicable can all be discussed and agreed in a mutually satisfactory way. In other words, they are more prepared to go the extra mile.

Save Time and Money

And, whilst a contingency recruiter may be working with multiple other clients at a time, a retained recruiter is 100% committed to working with you, which increases the final quality of hire.

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