HR Consulting

Your Strongest Assets are Your People

Attracting talent is important, and retaining it moreso.  The Barton Group offers boutique driven personalized human resources to our clients.  We can help your company benchmark many important decisions with Employee Climate Studies,  Succession Planning, Career Management Seminars, Outplacement Services,  Compensation Surveys,  Motivatational Training, Team Building Clinics, and other imprortant tools that can impact your business

Retaining Talent

The Barton Group has a reputation for helping companies keep talented professionals.   We can provide you up to minute trends, benefit, and compensation tools.

Motivating Talent

Keeping your employees motivated creates win-win scenarios.  Let us show your our programs that will keep your employees engaged.

Increasing Productivity

We can work with your organization to identify bottlenecks that stop your employees from keeping focus.

Cost Saving

Engaged employees are not only more productive, but they can help their organizations save tremendous of resources.  Let us show you how.

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Human Resources Consulting